Learning about Costa Rican original culture is very interesting. Reflecting on our culture at home, three places come to mind that try to preserve Louisiana original history and culture.

1. The McIlhenney Tobasco company:

This company is well known to Louisiana and you can find their Tobasco product on almost every table in the state. They sell all over, including internationally and is a wonderful way to help stimulate our economy in the state. It helps preserve our culture because Louisianians love their spicy food.

2. The Jungle Gardens:

The Jungle Gardens reminds me of Costa Rica in a sense that they want to protect the plants and animals that are in the garden. It shows more of the green side of Louisiana with a lush garden and peacocks spread around. It is a beautiful place to see native plants and learn about them. It contributes to our economy because people can learn about which types of plants thrive in the state and encourages people to use our fertile soil for the greater good of the environment.

3. The Shadows on the Teche:

This is a plantation home that has a strong history in New Iberia, LA. The tours provide an income from tourists to the small town, which helps preserve the plantation home by maintaining up keep to the old home. The home starts at the root of the towns history, where it was placed on a large sugar cane farm and housed many luxurious parties of their time. The plantation was heavily dependent on slaves. It was made a historical landmark in 1974 and is now visited by 25,000 people annually