Industrial Day in the City

Today we went to visit VMware, got to see how souvenirs are made, and went to a lecture at Thomson Reuters.
We got to learn about different aspects of the businesses such as how they operate, their goals, how they want to portray their business, and what kind of impact they would like to have on the world. VMwarehouse clearly cares about the motivation and leadership abilities of their employees. They had many amenities in the company grounds, such as kitchenettes, reading corners, private desk space, a sleek innovative design, and even places to nap. The souvenir shop operated like a sweat shop where many questionable safety issues were all over. You could tell that they were about making a profit, and didn't care much for the health of their employees. Thompson Reuters has wonderful benefits for their employees where they have to take at least 2 days to do volunteer work and give back to the community and also, women get 3 months maternity leave, and even after that is over, they can get an extension for up to however long their doctor says they will need.
The free zone encourages foreign investors and businesses to incorporate themselves and bring their businesses into Costa Rica. If the business is one that is productive, it will stimulate the economy by providing goods or services to the population. As these goods or services are utilized, it goes back into the economy and flourishes throughout the country, thus fitting into the sustainable development of Costa Rica. If the business is productive, then there is no need to tax them, as long as the business is looking to stimulate the economy then more people will want to work there. If the business is productive, it will make a full circle and continue to thrive and stimulate the economy with more employment opportunities and more income coming through. My example is from VMwarehouse.  They want to make a difference in the world, but they are planning to do it one step at a time. Same goes for Costa Rica's sustainable development. In order for the country to benefit from having other companies inside their country, you would have to make it appealing to enter Costa Rica and begin to develop in the country. Once the business begins to operate and flourish, then the country will begin to reap the benefits of having that business operate inside of Costa Rica.