Pineapple paradise

Today we visited a pineapple production facility. We all had to wear hair nets, scrub our shoes, and use hand sanitizer to enter the facility.

Essential Costa Rica is about benefitting not just the country of Costa Rica, but also the people of Costa Rica as well. This is why the pineapple plant was important. In order for the pineapple factory to be a part of the fair trade agreement, the company must pay it's employees a comfortable salary of 500-1,000 colones a month. The average Costa Rican makes 8,000 colones in one year. With the pineapple plant workers making a healthy salary, they are able to live more comfortable lives and be able to put their money back into local shops and stores. This results in the economy being stimulated which results in a greater benefit for the country as a whole. This is consistent with the country's model of sustainability because it is similar to the idea of what you put into the economy, you're going to get out of the economy. The only thing that I would say counts against their model of sustainability is the fact that they use pesticide and chemicals to clean and protect the fruit. This could cause problems to the protected environment of the rainforest, even though it is not located in the rainforest.